Who we are

We are a team of European educated sports professionals who will prepare young and developing athletes to unlock and reach their full cognitive and physical potential.

Our programs have been carefully designed to include a well-rounded number of sports to develop physical literacy -  during key times of a child’s life.

Our History

Our mission, vision and philosopy

Talent Young Athlete Development program is a logical progression from the Universal Sports School Junak established 2001 in Toronto. Sports School Junak program is based on the universal sports school model born in Europe back in 1930. The model has been changed, modified, adopted and successfully integrated in many sports models in countries around the world. The universal sports school central idea is to use multisport platform to develop broad spectrum of motor abilities, skills and attitudes by using sport games and activities as a vehicle to changes. Establishing a huge and strong base of abilities, sport skills and knowledge a child is easily able to adopt and specialize in sport of their choice or the one recommended by coach as a sport specialization.

Sports School Junak has been focused on kids in the Serbian community and is still successfully operating. After many inquiries from the parents we decided to brand and offer this great program and our expertise to all kids willing to reach their individual maximum.

We believe that each kid should reach their full psychomotor potential. Talent YAD program will help them on their journey to become an accomplished athlete and/or a happy, active and healthy human being.

Meet Our Team