Talent Ski School

Nature is a great teacher! Everything in nature has a place and a reason. We as humans are part of this story, but unfortunately, most of us have lost the connection and ability to function in our natural surroundings.

Every few months we organize activities to get us back in tune with nature. Hikes, horseback riding, tree-top trekking, paddling, chestnut roasting, or a simple walk thru the woods are just a few examples of what we offer. These programs do not have an instructional focus but rather the goal is to get ourselves outside of the confines of daily lives and create opportunities for growth in the natural world with the occasional instruction as they may be a logical part of activities and trips we organize. Our hope is that socialization between our students and parents in a natural setting as well as understanding and a connection with nature will help us to enjoy, care for, and be comfortable in any situation and environment.