Learn to ski in six weeks

Program duration

Six weeks

Skill level

Beginners, intermediate, advanced


Glen Eden ski hill in Milton

Talent Ski School
Focusing on young skiers ages 6+ through to adults, we will offer ski school programs through our parent company Sports School Junak (established in 2001).

Our goal is to enable our students to learn these life-skills and be able to enjoy winter as competitors or life-long recreational participants in the sport of skiing.

Alongside recommendation from the LTAD Program that all children should learn fundamental movements and fundamental skills in all environments including snow and ice, skiing entirely follows this guideline. Nevertheless, skiing is a wonderful life-long activity with a social component that is important for young athletes and families.

Since inception of Ski School Program (2002), we have helped hundreds of kids and adults learn basic ski skills and become more advanced skiers using safety guidelines and age appropriate methodology.
The ski school programs are conducted at Glen Eden ski hill in Milton. Our programs run on Saturdays from mid January to the end of February every year. The Sport School Junak Ski Program is 6 weeks long. We offer programs for beginners, intermediate, and advanced skiers. Our focus is on young skiers ages 6+ through to adults. Our school follows the CSIA program guidelines.

We conduct our lessons during 6 Saturdays from 4.30pm to 8.30pm. at Glean Eden Ski Center. Beginner’s lessons are 90 minutes long, intermediate and advanced lessons are 120 minutes long. During lessons, parents are welcome to ski on their own or wait and socialize in the chalet.

Young Students

We match students according to their age and skill level. The student to instructor ratio depends of the age of the participants. In groups with young beginners, we have a 1:3 ratio with one instructor and one assistant conducting the class. In older and more advanced groups our maximum ratio is1:8.


Our Ski-school offers classes for adults as well. All adults are welcome but the majority of our adult participants are parents of students enrolled in our younger ski programs who wish to join their kids on the slopes but are not comfortable on skis. Whenever possible, we try to schedule parents’ and children’s lessons at the same time. After completion of our program it is our hope that the whole family can enjoy themselves on the slopes together.

Transportation and Equipment

Parents provide transportation and equipment.
Our core ski instructors are mature, experienced, knowledgeable professionals with CSIA (Canadian Ski Instructor Alliance) licenses and teaching experiences and/or licenses from European ski slopes.

During our program we apply age appropriate methodology that is a product of a unique mixture of European and Canadian teaching experience and approach. We are very proud of our safety record, enthusiastic instructors and assistants who flourish in our own program.

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