Program duration

1 or 2 weeks


All ages


To be announced

Talent Ski School
Daily Sports Camp

Our sports camp is the perfect time and place for friendships, learning new or enriching existing sport skills and knowledge through friendly competition. Sports and social activities are an integral part of our program. We started building lifelong memories through this program in 2002 and every summer since we carry on with this process.
Week Block
9:00AM – 5:00 PM

Our weekly block sessions are Monday-Friday. Over the course of the five days, participants will be exposed to different sports skills, game applications, and sports and social activities. This is a condensed version of our yearly program with similar goals but with more time for socialization and time to get to know each other. Recreational swimming in a local swimming pool is part of our weekly plan as well as one full day bus excursion to a nearby lake.

Day Structure
We start our day with a flag raising ceremony at 9.00am. Our day consists of alternative sports and social blocks. During the “sports blocks” we work on sports or motor skills development. The “social blocks” are an opportunity to relax, learn juggling skills, or explore your artistic talents. Whenever possible, we visit local swimming pools to work on “water adaptation games” with non swimmers and recreational swimming with swimmers. Our day will be finished at 4.00pm when we lower our flag.
Talent - Day Camp Staff

Mrs. and Mr. Sarcevic are planning and conducting the Talent Day Camp Program.
Our assistants are university or high school students interested in kinesiology or sports.